Samantha Bee on Orlando shooting: angry and uncompromising


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I don’t know which makes me happier: Samantha Bee’s rant or Anderson Cooper challenging Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi on her sudden concern for the LGBT community.


Hey “thoughts and prayers are with the victims” people:

I talked to god and she said she already provided you with candidates who would vote for better, more effective gun control laws and you didn’t vote for them. What more do you want from her?


Its a shame that it takes a mass murder to get the Press to confront hypocracy so directly. There are a lot of conservative politicians that need to be put on the spot in the same way daily.


Ah, a classic old joke.


Her blurb on mental health in FL puts the Florida Man meme in a new light, too.

National Treasure.



High Capacity Penis Substitutes aka Assault Rifles

Sam Bee for President!


Guns and cars kill around the same number of people every year in America. So here’s an idea. To get a gun, you have to take a six week class and pass a test to prove you are medically, legally and physically competent to use it.

And here’s the import part. Then you have to get it insured.

Nobody’s rights are violated. And we get to pit the insurance companies against the NRA.

Maybe we can get the number of mass shootings down to under 1 per day.


Bee is the shite.


May I buzz her little bee?

Just a little buzz-buzz, for free?

She deserves every tingle…



NRA logic: “You’ll never be able to stop every single bad guy from getting their hands on a gun. Therefore, it’s best to do absolutely nothing.”



That was amazing. Now is the perfect time to be talking about this, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, NOW for fuck sake.


I have been touting gun owners insurance for some time. I think its a great idea to use the market forces to encourage people from not being dumbasses about gun storage and reduce accidental gun injuries/death and gun thefts (which are generally 10,000X more likely for gun owners than ever using it to protect one’s self and property)

Plus it allows for universal registration of firearms without getting big brother govmint involved. If social media tells us anything its that people would rather sign over their privacy to a faceless corporation than the government.



“So you’re saying you care about LGBT people now?”

“Anderson, of course I do. They’re human beings too, and I care about human beings.”

So you’re saying that after Tweeting about puppies and such and never about LGBT rights and such, after their being targeted in this mass tragedy, you suddenly care about them?"

“Anderson, as I said, they are human beings, and all humans deserve to live.”

“So the fact that these people were --”



I love her. Her show gets better every week.


OT: Since when are you allowed to say “fuck” on TBS? Or do they just not bleep it for the YouTube?


It was bleeped when I watched it on TV.


That makes me laugh but I also wonder how long it’ll be before some politician of Bondi’s ilk snaps and says that. Enough of their supporters seem to be saying it.

Edited to add: Well that didn’t take long.