Sammy Davis Jr. describes his disastrous performance in Osaka

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When he started describing the type of club and the people in it I immediately jumped to the conclusion that it was a cultural/era differences thing where the audience wasn’t going to applaud or laugh or do anything that might otherwise interrupt the performers, even if they were genuinely enjoying the performance.


He could have gotten a similar response in Maine. “Muriel, that there fella was really funny tonight. It was all I could do to keep from laughing.”


Perhaps he was unknowingly in a club surrounded by taciturn yakuza bosses.


I live over here in Japan, and while the culture has definitely shifted from those days, he immediately understood one point very perfectly that stands today. The part at the end where he talks about the old guys with the girls, and not wanting to cause a ruckus to be spotted? That is DEAD ON.


Effing hysterical!
Had no idea Mr Davis did such brilliant impersonations!

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Mr Sammy Davis Jr. was the greatest entertainer I know, by far. He was famous for his impersonations. He was a world class tap dancer, a real hoofer, if not the best. He could play jazz drums and piano better than most pros. He was really funny and had charisma. And of course he was a fantastic singer. He also was a one-eyed, African-American jew in a world dominated by white men.


I knew his singing & dancing were always tops. Thanks for hipping me to his other accomplishments!

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