Sammy Davis Jr sings 'The Jeffersons' theme


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Huh. I only now realize it’s “movin’ on up to the east side.” I had always heard it as “movin’ on up to thee-ee sky.”


He’s the Duke of Diction.

I’m pretty sure my high school choir teacher would have loved him.

ETA: Can you just imagine him doing warm-up exercises, like “bumble bumble bee” and “red leather yellow leather”?


Great performance


Well, excuse me while I kiss this guy!



Sorry, Sammy. But I actually prefer the original.

#8 - The Archive of Misheard Song Lyrics


Sammy is the epitome of old school hipsterism. So he sings “finally got a piece…of… that pie” and injects little ironic winks that he’s messing around with this music. It isn’t bad in the end, but contrasted with the honesty and explosive performance of the original by Janet Dubois and Oren Waters’ choir, it seems unnecessary.


It’s possible to like 'em both. I like 'em both.


That cat was all that


You’re not the only one! That’s what I thought, too.


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