Epic flute cover of 'The Simpsons' theme

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One of the few CDs I wish I still had was a set of all the unique music that was on the simpsons until about 1999. They did a ton of creative covers themselves and I think Danny Elfman composed a lot of it.


Mildly infuriating that the video cuts off suddenly before the end, and the post itself cuts off without the second video that is mentioned. Very weird coincide


try this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T41X7doasU

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“With Roger Clemons clucking all the while…”

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Fixed! Apologies!

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If you’ve got it, flaut it.


Flaut it baby! Flaut it!!

Sorry for being that old bastard that believes that Youtube is promoting a ‘look’ over any real talent that goes beyond good playing… this isn’t a virtuoso performance. If this performer was juggling cats at the same time I would be more impressed than the spray on jeans. Does this hold up to something you would pass on to friends if it had no vision?

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Did you bitch about stretch jeans during the 80s, too?

No because I had legs in the 80’s (not now) and I thought I had talent musically but not now. Sour grapes perhaps I guess.

With your permission, I quote the great American Philosopher Bartholomew Simpson; “¡Aye Caramba!”.

IMO This Simpsons Theme performance > that particular Flight of the Bumblebee performance, both in terms of the accuracy of notes played, and due to the way in which when Sir James Galway closes his eyes, you can see him dying a little bit inside.

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