Meet the composer of the Seinfeld theme

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that’s much cooler that he re-composes the theme to suit the joke delivery for every episode. I had totally noticed that it was not always the same, but I assumed there was one extra long version with all the variations that someone would just edit to suit.

what he mentioned about getting contacted by Jerry about the problems he was having with theme music reminded me of the plot arc where Jerry and George’s show goes into production. There was a credit sequence for the show-within-a-show with the worlds cheesiest 80’s saxophone theme music. Considering how unique the actual theme was, I’d always considered that to be a jab at how the conventional network formulas were frustrating Jerry and Larry. what Wolff mentioned seem to back up this assumption. I must say, his solution to Jerry’s music problem was pretty brilliant; sounds great, too.


Also makes for great mashups

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I love the pragmatism of his process, it’s all just common sense in the world of audio mixing but ultimately it’s his choice of instruments that really defines the iconic sound.

It’s also made for a killer dance remix or two:

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I might add that he rocks the v-neck sweater and shorts look – all part of the process I imagine! I was never able to pull that look off – came off wanna-be-Hamptonite.

It’s a cricket jersey, very odd choice for an american - it’d get him labelled as a hipser today I’m sure

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