The 'Seinfeld' theme song was different for every episode

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I feel like this is widely known information. maybe I am wrong.


The lyrics to the episode-end theme in Black-Adder II were specific to the plot of each episode. Of course, it was a BBC production, so it had a whopping 6 episodes per season-- that makes doing something like that a lot less arduous.

I wonder how many other shows have episode-specific music or lyrics.


I think we need a poll.

Did you know about this?

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yeah, I have to admit I didn’t know about this… now I do know about it, and I personally still don’t really care…


I’ve never heard this before, and after a completely (un)scientific poll of people I work with, none of them knew, either.

I did not know it, but then, I don’t pick up on that sort of thing. My finest moment in that area is when I noticed at the beginning of ‘Almost Royal’, she would change the number they were in line to the British throne, every episode.

interestingly enough a quick google search came up with articles and videos about this very fact from 2017, 2015, 2014…

most notably was this youtube video of an E! News interview with the creator Jonathan Wolff. In which he expressly states he changes the song every episode. While the video was published to YouTube in 2014, it is of an E! News episode from long before that…how long?

Well in the interview they mention that Wolff is creating the theme song for a new sitcom on NBC titled Caroline in the City…which began airing in 1995.

So since as early as 1995 it was publicly stated by the song creator that every episode got its own variation on the theme song. I distinctly remembered this.

So sure…your straw poll is great for this thread. And @Enter_Name_Here’s quick office poll applies. Since we aren’t using the scientific method here…I asked a few folks around me if they knew this and they all said yes, it was common knowledge.

Perhaps I am just old and recall actual stories on news shows from the 1990’s and others here are millennials who barely ever watched the show. Regardless I do not appreciate the disparaging and condescending tone in your posts. It is unnecessary and goes beyond sarcasm or snark and moves to a personal attack.

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No offense intended in my note / poll, @quori; sorry if it came across that way. I watched Seinfeld as it aired, but never heard this story. Some of the folks I asked are indeed millenials (children, I tell you!), but several were in their late-40’s and up. shrug

In general, it’s fascinating to me how some stories “slip through the cracks” for some folks and are caught by others… Also interesting how certain stories like this apparently come up over and over again as you mentioned. Weird.


There, I made it an actual poll for science’s sake, sans unintentional user ribbing!


I didn’t take it as such from your remark. Honestly is suspect we are migrating to a time when most people haven’t even watched the show or if they did it is “I think I caught an episode rerun once”.

Thank you IT Ninja.


I was almost hoping for him to say Steve Bannon hated it.

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Braindead, a great weird tv show about alien bugs drilling inside politician’s heads, had a new theme song each episode that recapped the previous episode. (Written by Jonathan Coulton).






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