Samsung and Foxconn to back cable-free phone tech by Tony Fadell of iPod and Nest fame

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NO. NO. NO. Maybe someday this will be feasible, but given the stability of today’s tech, it absolutely will neither work well, nor will it be in the interest of consumers.

This is just crazy fast NFC?

Will I even be able to own an entire movie that I can then share to another device in seconds?
I guess I could make a 90 minute video and then share it. Is that why we need to throw money at this tech?

I’d say it’s closer to the failed Sony TransferJet from 2008 than NFC.

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this tech sounds promising, especially when you take into account how such technologies quickly progress and improve and find additional applications. pretty much any peripheral could eventually use such technology. external backup drives that start backing up when within reach, like at your desk. printing kiosks, digital currency payments, phone to car stereo connection, etc. the possibilities are endless.

I was blown away by the Ocusync technology in the DJI Mavic Pro drone: it can send HD video up to four miles from the drone to your phone. How the hell does it work? Well, I discovered it uses the same license-free Wifi band, so when I run it in my house (to update the firmware on the drone) it takes down my wifi router. But its still unbelievable to get that bandwidth from a tiny handheld remote control and drone. The remote also gets hot. It is blasting out RF at some amazing power.

I doubt it will be used to share movies that often.

I envision it will mostly be used by law enforcement and border agents to snarf the entire contents of your phone in seconds replete with an AI to search the contents to find all the dirt on you.


Would this even really be that useful? How many large files are people creating or storing on their phones? Google Photos can sync my photos to the cloud in seconds, and most apps seem to be trending towards “send it and forget it,” not “keep it on your phone until you meet up with your friend.”

I could possibly see this useful for something like a digital camera or backup hard drive, but I think with a HDD you would hit the bottleneck of the drive access speed pretty easily anyway.

Ohhh, maybe that plant Foxconn(ed) wants to build in Michigan isn’t just vaporware/fraud to get tax breaks… Nah, probably still just BS. But who knows, maybe the people of Michigan will get to know what it’s like to want to jump to your death rather than work another day in the factory.

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