San Fermin's beautiful indie chamber pop


I was really excited to see a beautiful indie chamber pot. Now there’s a lost art.

I think they’re fantastic. I played the video at three times and bought the two monochrome videos from iTunes! And OMG they had their trailer stolen! If they would put the very fun audiotree session video that is at the url I just mentioned I’d buy it for $10 or whatever is reasonable! Take my money!

Thanks for this post. The music, especially ‘Sonsick’ has been a pleasant earworm for the past few days, and I just ordered the CD.

Besides the music itself, I’m totally amazed by the singer Rae. It’s so refreshing to hear a talented female singer who doesn’t need Auto-Tune, 12 dancers dancing, or nude videos to impress. What power! What clarity!

Again - thanks for turning me on to this.

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