San Francisco Bay Area tonight and 2/21: David J (Bauhaus and Love and Rockets) solo shows

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Before Goth was a thing, we called this type of music Vampire Punk, yes we did.

I have spoken.


I feel as though there are people in my life who should have informed me that Bauhaus was touring who have all failed me. I got to see Peter Murphy solo at one time (must’ve been the early '00s) and that was a great show. Definitely similar to seeing Bowie around that same time period, without all the makeup and theatrics from the old days they were still both excellent shows.

and The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy!


OK sanguisuge.

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SF show is sold out

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YAY! Jazz Butcher fans unite!


Bauhaus is touring this year. Not sure where you’re located but their North American stops will be NYC, Chicago and Dallas and Mexico City.

Love and Rockets was so great. Some of my favorite songwriters ever.

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