San Francisco comedy club offers the Drug Mule, a 'cannabis-infused' cocktail (that won't get you high)

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I had a beer in Colorado that was along similar lines - hemp based or whatever, but doesn’t get you high. Or maybe it was Amsterdam?

For some reason my memory is hazy.


local brewery here Fool Proof does a terpene infused one.

It is absolutely wretch-inducing for me. I dislike excessive hops (it triggers a migraine for me) and I dislike cannabis even more (which even the smallest amounts triggers a migraine too!). I find the smell of of cannabis nasty and the taste of it even more vile. Both hops and cannabis are in the same family tree as plants which makes sense why I dislike both of them.

…Aye, I reckon most people ordering this cocktail are not going to be thinking, “Ahh, the herbal and aromatic quality of fresh cannabis would be very satisfying right now.”

I also ponder whether “cannabis-infused” means an actual laborious process or if they just left some leaves floating around in vodka for a while.


Do people really enjoy the taste of hemp? I know there are food products out there like hemp granola and such but I got the impression people were buying them more for their purported health food qualities than their palatability.

This strikes me as analogous to nicotine-free tobacco flavored gum.

Though admittedly I never understood the reason for non-alcoholic beer to exist either so maybe there’s a niche market for everything.


Great, a ditch weed Shirley Temple.


Shouldn’t the Drug Mule cocktail be served in a tied-off balloon and shoved up the customer’s pooper?


That’s literally what infusing alcohol is. You just soak whatever you want to infuse in your base spirit.

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You have to pay extra for that. I hear they force a triple on you at that point, like it or not.

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So they steep a length of old rope in vodka and people pay $14 for the privilege of drinking same? Well, we definitely are heading down the road to Roman-style decadence.

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I very much want to flag this post as offensive, but I’m so high on cannabis and hoppy beer I just want to sleep for a little.

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A former cannabis enthusiast coworker once insisted – insisted – on buying me a box of hemp granola from Trader Joe’s. It was good, but didn’t taste any different to me than regular granola. And I don’t think I got high off it either.

My mum makes a great cough syrup from vodka, thyme and sugar.

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