Marijuana wine the next big thing


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Now that is a flavor that I don’t find appealing in wine.

But then, I might be missing the point.


This will never be the new normal. Today you can buy pear wine and apple wine and even dandelion wine. But about 99% of all wine sold is made from grapes because it’s better.



I always prefer the elderberry wine. I know a great couple elderly ladies who are supposed to make a killer version!


“And this lovely blue-green number is a robust Chardonnay with a lingering, slightly sweet after-taste of arsenic…”


This is still made from grapes, it’s just an aromatized wine (like vermouth or Lillet) with cannabis used as a flavoring herb.


I feel like it should be easier to make the flavors work in beer, where it’s already flavored with a close relative of cannabis


Elderlady wine? Ew.


Bad idea.


I make an extract out pot in 100 proof rum. Then I drink it in hot cocoa. Can’t get the result out of just rum.


Yeah, I’m tempted to ‘dry hop’ a batch one day. For science, doncha know.


That’s likely because THC usually has to be heated to decarboxylate it before it can bond to cannibanoid receptors in the brain.

Gently cooking your rum or other THC-infused spirit in a bain-marie style water bath should do the trick too, then you could (if you wanted) drink it in non-hot drinks or on its own.

Gentle heating works too, but the process goes faster at higher temperaurs (although higher temperatures also remove more terpenes, which, if you’re looking to get the actual flavors of your weed in something, is not what you want)

In normal edibles the decarboxylation’s done through the heat of baking/cooking, in smoking and vaporizing it’s just by heating up the buds directly.


This completely ignores the growing evidence that the long-term harmful effects of marijuana use are primarily due to the regular combination of pot and alcohol. Really, folks, one or the other, but not both at the same time. That’s just stupid.


Yeah… I do love me a large glass of vino, but this seems like more of a ‘Four Loko’ product or idea.

Perhaps infused in a very low alcohol beverage like a Berlinerweisse or Scottish 60/- , but wine seems like a bad idea. Plus, and this is probably just me, THC makes me hate the taste of wine and beer (or so I remember from college :D)


I’ve made cannabis-infused beer by adding cannabis to the hops. It works-- the THC in the cannabis dissolves into the alcohol as it ferments-- but the resulting product tastes revolting. I can’t imagine that it would be any better in wine.


Use Everclear. More alcohol = more dissolved THC. The resulting tincture is pretty good, and doesn’t impart a lot of flavor when you add it to things.


“Drugs and alcohol” hehe.


The really crazy weed people seem like the people who put catsup on everything. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.


I’ll have to try that. I don’t know if that’s available in these parts, but I’m sure I can dig it up.