San Francisco considers banning the sale and manufacture of nicotine e-cigarettes

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But what will douche bags put in their mouth instead?

Just kidding… it’s ok if you vape.

I watched a friend switch between 3 vape pens in about 120 seconds the other day and was a bit bewildered.

Friend claims none are THC or CBD either. Isn’t one source of nicotine enough?


Maybe he has different flavors and likes to mix it up? Something akin to the “suicide” of mixing all the soda flavors in one cup.


Purple drank!


If you outlaw vapes, only outlaws will vape.

(eta) And prohibition is always successful. /s


Nothing deters teenagers from something like making it forbidden. /s

Seriously though, I’m all for regulating e-cig/vape companies, but this is just dumb.


There’s a difference between outlawing commerce and marketing, and prohibition of use.

The former are effective, for example the illegality of Joe Camel marketing resulted in decreased rates of teen risk of smoking.

The latter, Prohibition, and the War on Drugs, though, I totes agree.


I mean, I agree, but I definitely didn’t get from @Pensketch that they were being anything other offhandedly snarky; that is to say that I didn’t sense anything in their comment that implied a disagreement with what you said.

I’m entirely on board with cracking down on these companies marketing and sales towards minors.

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Soooooo… they want to make it so it can’t be sold in the city, and can’t be shipped to the city, but still can be used in the city, that sounds to me like Prohibition Lite, and a step toward Prohibition Full Flavored when it fails. A black market will rise up and profit off the addicted. The spice must flow.

Where’s the tar, feathers and rails when you really need them?

I also agree with this. I’m just saying this feels like a step in a stupid direction.

When anyone in politics starts talking about, “think of the children,” I instead start thinking about their angle. If our politicians gave a fuck about children, something would have been done by now to fix homelessness, bullying, and our educational system.

I grew up with Joe Camel. And I grew up in a house of smokers. I’ve never smoked a cigarette, and never plan to. Yes, that’s only the truth of my own experience, but I’m a strong believer in personal choice. As for marketing to teenagers, like @GulliverFoyle said,


I don’t want to be cynical - I think probably these paving stones are well-intentioned - but it seems like the kind of poorly conceived approach that defined the entire War on Drugs, minus the vicious racism (which is non-trivial) but deploying a similar tactic.

I’m going to dissent a bit here. I never smoked a nicotine-tobacco cigarette until I was middle-aged - it was vile and I never did or will have another - but I did see the decline in cigarette use among kids as the marketing was constrained. Nuking Joe the Camel and the like did have a material effect in the reduction of underage cigarette smokers, and thus cigarette addicts since most start at a young age.


If everybody was a strong believer in personal choice, we would need no laws about advertising.

In the meantime, is it still legal to ship and sell conventional tobacco cigarettes to SF? Could be a small win for big tobacco.

Isn’t every business about getting customers to continue to use their products? You want to talk about addiction? No need for fancy flavors in a Marlboro, but people can’t stop smoking them anyway.


It was worse back in the day, but still seen in places, where you would have a dry county or no liquor sales on Sunday. Which means people went to the next country and stocked up on Friday or Saturday. It didn’t really stop people from drinking, just made it a bit of a pain.

I’d argue the Marlboro Man and other other ads sold more cigarettes to kids than Joe Camel. Kids do these things to appear older and more mature. Something the cool adults do. I am sure advertising in general does influence kids, however. I just think Joe Camel was singled out, but don’t think he was any worse than the others.

Ironically, the Camel design was then remade and it looks rather hip and modern, which I am sure appeals to some young smokers.


A thread about vaping! What could possibly go wrong!!!



Yeah, I seriously regret weighing in.

I’m out, folks. Please be excellent to each other.


It’s a vaping thread… they won’t!

To the Tardis, Sarah Jane!!! Off to a planet where vaping and conversations about vaping do not exist!!!



Even though I vape herbs,



They do that there, too, they just don’t call it vaping and yell at each other on an internet forum about it… I’ve come to believe that if we used a different terminology, this whole debate would disappear in a puff of logic!



Unless they solved the problem, you’d be shocked by sales of Final Net in Gallup NM on Sundays.

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