Santa Claus dies of a heart attack in front of room full of Russian children


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He put the Ded in Ded Moroz.


That’s awful for a roomful of kids.

Not much fun for him either.


The talons of Baba Yaga reach far, indeed.


Russian child sleeper agents.


If I could come up with something really funny, I’d post it. But in reality this was pretty freaking tragic. Scarred for life kids kind of tragic.


…And then subsequently eaten?


He had said that Putin was on his “Naughty” list.


They’re Russian kids in Siberia. They seen some shit, already.


Heart attack or polonium?


When I was a kid, many, many years ago… sitting on Santa’s lap, noticed he kept eating these little candies…seemed weird, then Santa left in an ambulance (didn’t seem all that weird, as this was occurring at the very small town’s fire station, but they did seem to be in a bit of a hurry) found out later that the little pills were for the heart attack he was having… and Santa didn’t make it back to the north pole…


Something was… fowl. (sp!)


A diet of beef and cheese will do that to ya.


Even I’m leaving this well alone…


You really can’t blame the guy…


wait, I think I found a clue - is that Putin putting something in his water?!?


Oh man - there is a video of it. He just falls over backwards.


How very sad. This is not a wonderful thing.


An early lesson about the grim realities of life.


But I love beef and cheese.