Santa Claus is a psychedelic mushroom

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The Sami are rather nicely depicted in the new movie Klaus as well…

When I was young there used to be a lot racist garbage about Sâmi on a Finnish sketch comedy series. Usually it was about alcoholism, joik and maybe this:

Not so much about drinking reindeer piss.

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Sure - it starts with shrooms and then . . .


I just made a video about this. Tons more on my podcast and site at


Weird, this ties in with something my Dad told me when I was a kid; that Santa was an elder who would enter winter dwellings through the only opening, the chimney, and would ply the tribe with shrooms to help fend off mid-winter depression. I’d started to doubt him as I got older, as I couldn’t find anything backing it up, but this reinforces my faith in my Dad’s many weird tales of psychedelia.

He also claims that people go mad if they don’t get salt for an extended period of time, but I’ve not found anything backing that up.


This was discussed in a wonderful documentary called Know Your Mushrooms.

Speaking of Siberian shamans, how about Muktuk Wolfsbreath?

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The truth is that Santa Claus lives inside of a psychedelic mushroom.




Why didn’t they mention the primary reason that reindeer are part of the mythos? The shaman fed mushrooms to the reindeer and then drank their urine. This reduced the I’ll-effects felt from muscinol poisoning.


Just watched that again last night! What a great little movie!

About 45 years ago a documentary said something about how Santa Claus and his commune ate magic brownies, and he got the reindeer to fly by tossing magic dust on them.

I shpuod point out tgat thirty years ago I.made tge case that Santa Claus coukd be a woman. A local weekly men’s group was “looking for Santas and Mrs. Claus’s” to make donations. I wrote the paper suggesting that women could be Santa Claus, no need to take the secondary role of his wife.

The letter was published the day after a guy went into a local university and mikkee women, blaming them as feminists.

I figured if the guy hadn’t killed himself the day before, I’d be on his hate list, for saying women could be anything, even Santa Claus. You don’t need mushrooms or magic dust.

Sounds basically like hyponatremia:

It’s a problem for endurance athletes who drink too much water without any electrolyte intake, and can also occur if you drink too much beer, or apparently as a a side effect of taking MDMA.


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