Santa detained


We are still waiting on the exact number of trespassing, breaking and entering, child voyeurism, and other charges to be filed against St. Nicholas, as the local judicial system has temporarily ground to a halt under the load; but sources familiar with the situation say that “He’ll be pretty damn sorry he’s immortal well before his sentence is over…”

In other news, Faerieland’s typically fey Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued an uncharacteristically blunt demand that Santa be delivered to stand trial on charges related to his alleged polar Elven slave factories.


Since this seems to be Merry Pedant Day here on the boards, I’ll do my part – corrected headline is: Santa detained in 2011

Thanks to BB for another great year! Happy Happy Joy Joy to Rob, Xeni, David, Mark, Cory, Maggie, Jason, Dean, Ken, Eric, and all your magnificent others.


“Elf’s Lament” by Barenaked Ladies

They must’ve sent him to Guantanamo, I haven’t gotten presents from Santa in two years!

Hmm. Yes, this explains a lot…

Oops, that’s in my country.

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