Santa's severed head atop a Christmas tree


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It’s certainly not for the food.


How does one decapitate a head?




Hey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.


Merry Christmas

You’re welcome.


Come for the coffee, stay for the racism.


As opposed to a Santa head on top of the Yule tree still attached to the rest of his body. The body presumably draped down the back side of the tree like a bearskin rug used as a cape.


It’s heads all the way down.


Despite the questions raised by this photo, I will still order a side of sausage links.


“Decapitated Santa head atop a Christmas tree” 🡺 “Decapitated Santa’s head atop a Christmas tree”


I think it’s actually the correct phrasing: “decapitated Santa’s head” uses the possessive, meaning “the head belonging to a decapitated Santa.”


They ran out of room in the fridge.


I’d say “Santa’s decapitated head” unless we’re taking about a generic Santa.


What is that in German?


Enthaupteter Nikolauskopf, maybe?

Entkörperter Nikolaus?


But where oh where have all the hyphens gone?? :cry:

“decapitated-Santa’s head” FTW :smiley:


Kopf eines geköpften Weihnachtsmannes or Kopf eines enthaupteten Weinachtsmannes.


Insert snarky comment about the commercialisation of Christmas here


Isn’t the problem the redundant use of “decapitated” here? It should be “Santa’s head atop a Christmas tree”, no? You can’t put a head without a body anywhere without decapitating it.