Satellite launch debris found in Brazillian Amazon


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Is this something potentially covered in toxic fuel residue and heavy metals. That perhaps shouldn’t be handled with bare hands?

Unlikely. The fisher’s extreme southern range is the California Sierra Nevada.

That’s gotta be worth a few brazillions. Brazillians?

Some countries take this serious. NASA got a ticket from Australia for littering after Skylab fell on their territory.


If I were the Brazilian government, I wouldn’t ask them to come pick it up, I’d list it on ebay, then tell them “if you want your stuff, you have to outbid the collectors, the space buffs, and the other governments who want to see how you engineer your space vehicles.”


That’d make a nice table if you didn’t mind your drinks sliding off.

I, for one, wish to be among the first to welcome our new overlords. Just sayin’…

If it’s the shroud then it’s just the lightweight aerodynamic shield that fits over the payload. It doesn’t have any fuel or anything nasty in it.

Space rubbish, thank you.

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That’s the best approach. Beats even my thought of saying “finders keepers” and putting it in a sci/tech-type museum.

Edit: For even better results, cut it to smaller, more affordable, easier to send in a padded envelope pieces, so more people will be able to have one. A water jet should do a good job.

Some countries might, but not Australia. The fine was $400 and issued for “littering” as a joke.

IRT the post:

  1. Not space junk because it never got to space.
  2. Collect it? Really Brazil? Nothing helps the negative environmental impact of a satellite launch like insisting on shipping debris thousands of kilometres away to be destroyed or recycled in exactly the same manner as would happen in Brazil.

Then they should completely use that as a piece of roofing or something.

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I’m sure that in many parts of the world it would have been quietly re-used, incorporated into some shack or shed, and only “discovered” many years later by some tourist.

Space trash would live in a trailer park, right?

A joke? In my view it was payback for offing the PM.

And we sure learned our lesson!

Just opposite the L5 orbital.

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