Satisfying video of the world's fastest shopping cart smashing into a wall


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It would have gone even faster, but…


Ahhh! My eggs!


Test Dummy in 3…2…


That’s a relief. For a moment there I thought you said “legs”.


Some years ago, in this parking lot:

…and utilizing a car that looked a lot like this one (albeit with faded paint and a half-full Gatorade bottle glued to the roof over the rear–driver’s side–passenger’s head):

…I may or may not have helped a shopping cart accelerate to around 45mph. And while it did achieve a brief but glorious bit of uncontrolled flight, the shopping cart survived the experience relatively unscathed.

Large parking lots + unsecured shopping carts + cheap-ish gas + mentally stunted American male + mildly ratty car = hilarious hijinks


And they get extra points for dramatic lighting.


That’s a feckin’ good cart.


The loaf of bread at 00:19-00:23, tho!


Yea, I was disappointed not to see any jet engines. Where did that picture come from? These claimants to the throne might be entirely illegitimate.


Watermelon FTW!


Actually there is a competitive claim to this shopping cart speed genre:

Built by: Matt McKeown
Base vehicle: Chinook helicopter
Record speed: 74.194mph [119.404kph]
Fancy a high-speed trip to the shops? Look no further than this mishmash-mesh hybrid, which uses a modified starter motor from an army helicopter to produce 400lbs of jet thrust.
Built by McKeown in just three weeks at a cost of £4,000, it is stabilised with go-kart wheels and – rather precariously - by the 54-year-old rider hanging his butt of the back.
McKeown said: "I have a compulsion to take mundane but iconic objects and see how fast I can make them go. Standing on the back of a jet shopping trolley at 75mph looks silly but it’s the best place to be if it goes wrong.”


The jet carts are fun, but they all have modified wheels, so the crash video is still more “authentic”.


I’m in love.


No. No it’s not.


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