Chinese farmer invents the suitcase-mobile


I don’t want to burst any bubbles, but, this isn’t new, I saw this a while ago.

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The EXCELLENT 1988 movie The Wizard of Speed and Time

had one with a top speed of 40 mph…


Jim: I thought the same thing. Love that movie and watch it whenever I need to spark the creative juices.

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As a card-carrying Mazdafarian, I knew I’d seen this before. : Here’s the Mazda Suitcase Car in the pages of Popular Mechanics from 1992

The basic design dates back to the early 1960s.


But how much stuff can you pack in it?

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An interesting idea, but when I saw the tiny wheels I lost interest. The reason why skaters don’t use their boards and Rollerblades for general transportation (and why Neal Stephenson had to invent SmartWheels for his skater couriers in Snow Crash) is that those tiny wheels amplify the impact of potholes, cracks, and road debris: it makes the likelihood of an accident much higher, and the consequences much worse, at higher speeds, and the whole point of a motorized vehicle is to go faster. (The cited 12.5 MPH limit is highly questionable; maybe on perfectly flat roads. A decent bicycle could easily pass him. For that matter, I find it interesting that the photos show perfect “black ice” pavement.) It’s why you don’t see Vespa-type scooters on the highway, even though they’re legally motorcycles.

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I prefer the green alternative: the Skoot suitcase bicycle.

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Is that dude taking a nap or just sniffing the seat?

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