Saturday Night Live perfectly satirizes Stanley cup fever

I also entirely lack interest in puckly sports. Like Yankistani football, I have only ever watched one game on tv, which also turned out to be The Sport As An Art. Both were such great games, major fans tell me I even don’t need to watch another.

Sorry, but it was one of the times during the early 90s when Wings won the cup.

I also attended one jr high hockey game, at the school rink. We beat another snooty private school. Another great game: pretty evenly matched, score kept going back-and-forth, lotsa superb plays, etc.

The Red Wings’ doing well just means Downtown Detroit is fulla rich suburban and even richer outta town drunken tourists who couldn’t navigate their bathtubs. Traffic is snarled for ages, and maybe a coupla nearby bars get packed.

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i don’t think that answers my question. reading the article,it sounds like the writer is in the Stanley camp simply for the larger size and wider selection of pastel colors.
i seem to remember that trumpers and MAGAts and various other mouthbreathers got pissed off at Yeti brand for being “woke” or some shit. back when they were destroying their coffe makers, nike shoes and bud light.
i live in a deep red area, with lots and lots of very rich jerks using their boats as their banners for fascism. those dudes - flying tRump and “brandon” flags on their boats - were all about their Yeti brand ice coolers, fish boxes and stupid cups. it seemed to be a point of tribal pride to conspicuously carry these items.
precisely why i never bought into that shit when gearing up at the local marine outfitter.
i just don’t get it :man_shrugging:t2:


There is this.

apparently yeti used to extend a discount to NRA members, and then they decided not to. And then that market segment had a temper tantrum.

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This makes me very happy to have my optometrist. With the equipment they have, no need for dilation.

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Ah, those were the days…. One detached and one torn retina later, and dilation is a must.


…from the makers of Big Ass-house



yes. yes that was it.
hard to keep up with all of those “boycotts” the RWNJs get up to.


“For the man in your life with no personality.”

That being said they are great coolers. I got one as a gift from the inlaws years ago and used it as a staircase in a small sailboat from California to Hawaii. Works as intended.

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