Saturday Night Weed Blogging: 10 Awesome Kytten Janae GIFs to Vape To


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Like far out, man.



Like you can tell she really dug something there …


Would the first image count as an anthro octopus?


Go, Suzuki, go!


Well, I WAS going to go to bed…


Huh, clever, that actually works several different ways!


I think I am missing something.


What happened to NSFW on the front page?


According to one Greek creation myth the human race began as creatures with two heads, four arms and four legs. They then split into pairs, and ever since we have gone around trying to reunite with our other half.
Which proves if anything that some of the early Greeks were into some pretty heavy stuff. I have occasionally suspected Plato of being a crackhead because of his complete certainty that he was right, but some of his other writings (the Cave, for instance) suggest that mushrooms probably featured in his diet.


I suspect it was an accidental omission, but the problem with NSFW is that it’s a slider, not a dividing line, and the position of the slider depends on geographical location, industry sector and individual managements. I guess the extremes are possibly at one end the headquarters of the Saudi religious police, and at the other the creative department of a video porn company, but everything in between is surely very blurry.


“Bubba Kush” that!




To where? :no_mouth:


Hey @xeni, I have a Pax, what do you prefer? (Btw, cbd ftw)

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