Save 30% on this robotic chessboard that lets you play online or with AI

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the robotic inner workings that move the opponent’s pieces

You’ll never get me to believe that - was I born yesterday? Obviously there’s a miniature elf or two inside, running around with giant magnets held over their heads.

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Exactly. Tiny “mechanical Turks”, though I suspect imps more likely than elves - the North Pole elves unionized last century when Santa tried to phase out pensions in exchange for defined contribution plans (like our 401k), and elves around the world soon followed their example.

Imps, unfortunately, have failed to organize despite several short-lived labor movements over the years, so they are much cheaper labor.

Yeah - you’re right - not elves. Probably not fairies or leprechauns - too unreliable - so most likely imps, as you say.

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From the product description and searching a bit online I couldn’t figure out if I need the app or not to make it work. I didn’t want to install some random app on my work phone, I’d rather run things I don’t fully trust from my personal laptop.

“(Or sweeping the pieces off dramatically when you lose.)”

Nimzovtich supposedly once stood on the table and peed on the board. Way more impressive.

I bought this for my kids last year. The hardware is great, but the software is crap. We’ve had many, many problems on our various devices. After months of working with tech support, we gave up trying to have this work on my daughter’s chrome book (her only electronic device) and our ipad (admittedly, an old version). It only works on my iphone. YMMV.

Also, a warning if you live in Canada. When we first received the board, we were dinged with a $115 custom clearance fee from FedEx. SquareOff eventually paid us back, but it took a long time and only after I had to return the board once and got dinged again for a $115 clearance fee (even though they promised it wouldn’t happen again).

So, I’d say getting this board was barely worth the effort. Again, YMMV.

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