Save 59% on a two year subscription of the highly rated NordVPN


Nice post.
The online Markov generator link is busted.


Oh, I don’t think it’s user failure at all. The BB powers that be should add a disclosure inside that text.


Shouldn’t that be ‘the powers that BB’?


I don’t think I’ve “browsed the world wide web” since around 1998.




Was that when you joined us radical netizens “surfing the web”?


I Saunter the Graph, thank you very much.


I drive the information superhighway, if you know what I mean :wink:


I hobble down the misinformation cow-path.


I just click web stuff. I guess I need to up my game.


Is that one of those new channel pages?


I’ve got three kids.

Sitting in a cafe sipping coffee with nobody tugging at your arm dancing and explaining they do NOT need to go to the potty lookit lookit lookit this NOW is the dream.


The Social Graph?



If you just subscribe to this AWESOME VPN, they will all brush their teeth when you tell them!



So, regardless of the ad copy, is this a good deal on a VPN?


I wouldn’t subscribe any service for two years - no one knows how long such companies exist. This aside I found a review that sounds genuine (i.e. does not look like an ad): pcmag likes the provider and product


# ssh -D localhost:1080 admin@myroutergetyourown

problem solved.


Yes, it is a good price for this VPN, which is highly-regarded in credible sources (like Wilders Security Forum). I almost chose it over the VPN I currently use, probably would have had it been at this price.

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