Save 88% on this app that summarizes award winning books in just 12 minutes apiece

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Or, you could just read the blurb on the dust jacket.


Or even the book itself!

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Nah, I’ll have my people prepare an executive summary and have it sung to me by the company’s Gilbert & Sullivan Appreciation Society while I’m in the bath.


Reminds me of “CARROT”'s book summaries that demonstrates its AI capabilities. For example, summarizing Peter Pan:

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Has anyone used this? If so, can anyone compare to Blinkist? I used a Blinkist trial to read the summary of a book before I dug into the book itself, and it was super handy. Helped me to focus on the material that mattered most to me. But the number of books I go through in a month, I can’t justify yet another subscription just for this purpose.

Nice! What is this? Is there more?

I love those one-liner movie summaries:

  • “Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first person she meets and then teams up with three strangers to kill again” for The Wizard of Oz
  • “Religious fundamentalists destroy government facility” for Star Wars

So if there’s a stockpile of 'em for classic lit, fantastic :smiley:

You mention CARROT and your pic looks like a mobile app, but the only app of that name I can find is “for residents of three Canadian provinces and one territory, allowing users to complete health questionnaires”, so I’m guessing that’s not it!

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It’s an amusing little game that I use for those times when you just need to kill a few minutes. You try to raise a misanthropic A.I. while trying to balance your employee morale, your bank account, the gov’t, and the internet community. There’s also a series of apps that apply the aesthetic to things like fitness and weather.

So if you want more of those, you’ll have to work through the game a bit and hope to stumble across them.

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Awesome, thank you

This isn’t a subscription. It’s a one time charge of $40.

I decided to give it a shot because I’m definitely not reading any books now so anything to get that content into me would be useful. I figure if i listen to a condensed version and it really piques my interest I will be more likely to go back and read the long form original to get the full benefits. Figured a one time fee of $40 was reasonable to try it out and see if it helps.

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There used to be things called “Cliff Notes.” Not saying I ever used these things high school, but there is a very high likelihood that I did.

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