You’re stuck at you’ve finally got some reading time. These summary apps could be your answer.

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We’ve got lots of time to read, so … let’s read summaries?

Yeah, right. FFS!

The BBShop ‘current real world needs’ crapgadgetry-matching algorithm seems to be … a crapgadget, itself.


Sure, while in isolation I have enough time to read 100 novels, like a sucker. Or I could get the general gist of the idea of 1000 books like a pro!

Moby Dick is about a whale… next!


Emerge from isolation like the person you always wanted to be, rather than the person you actually are.

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So wait, there are at least four different apps which summarize books?

I always loathed Readers Digest condensed books. No reason to change my mind now.

These BBShop offerings have shifted from annoying to strangely entertaining. As a race to the most useless, or how insulting to the readership, or get sales by overwhelming us… ALL THE KNIVES!
Intersection of infomercials with The Onion.

Kinda defeats the purpose of reading, nonetheless a book.

War and Peace is about a war … and some peace. NEXT!

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Anna Karenina is about trains.
Atlas Shrugged is about trains.
Leo Tolstoy was a Russian who didn’t like the state.
Ayn Rand was a Russian who didn’t like the state.

I conclude that Anna Karenina and Atlas Shrugged are the same book and Leo Tolstoy and Ayn Rand were the same person.

/bad summary


Time enough at last…


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