Save an additional 15% on these industry-leading VPNs in honor of President's Day

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Boingboing: our president is an idiot because he spells “Presidents’ Day” wrong.

Also boingboing: “President’s Day” in a headline.

Now look, your president is indeed an idiot of the worst kind. But it’s not because he spells Presidents’ Day wrong!!


Boing Boing Shop, an idiot, wishes you to save during “President’s Day.”


He’s the Presidiot.

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“lifetime” means lifetime of the service provider which might not be very long if they are desperate for subscribers.
I’ve used Private Internet Access for a couple of years and I’m quite satisfied with it. It’s dead simple to use and something like $40/year.
If you connect to European severs with a VPN you may be restricted by European privacy laws. Kind of a drag sometimes. I connect to Singapore and sometimes some videomindful s can’t be played.


Ah yes, that traditional Presidents’ Day activity, shopping for VPNs. Reminds me of when I was a kid!


Be aware - PIA was recently bought by Kape Technologies, which does not have a stellar reputation on the privacy front.


I’m looking for a new sofa, any discounts on that? Asking for my Dear Wife…

But is this the last VPN we’ll ever need?

[Maybe I’m too old but I think that was a thing here for a while.]

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More accurate description: “Pay some other company to spy on you, instead of your ISP”

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