Today only: take an extra 15% off all of the VPNs in the Boing Boing Store

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Hmm. Just got an email from BB Store about VPNs and it got me thinking. I’ve not considered using one before but with all the shit that ISPs and governments keep coming up with maybe I should.

What are people’s thoughts on VPNs generally and some of these offers specifically?

Tried it once, but stacksocial, the company that sells the stuff, is bad news. The actual provider of the service would not deliver it until I gave them a credit card number. Even though I’d already paid stacksocial. You’d be better off buying a service directly from the company that provides it.


I use CloakVPN when I’m on an untrusted network. I had read some evaluation of various services, and this seemed the best. So far, it’s been great. Their pricing covers all of your devices. Check out the Lifehacker post about how to evaluate VPNs:


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