Save the Golden Gate Model Railroaders huge, historic train layout

50 years of geekcraft scheduled for demolition. San Francisco city officials completely out of their minds.

I’ve posted an editorial with photos and links on

giant historic train layout - destruction of - help me out here, people

don’t like my link/writeup? so link straight to

tried hackernews, reddit, sfist - suggestions? i’m no pro at this, just a regular alarmed guy trying to do something to help

thank you for any encouragement and ideas you can offer


KQED FM radio - 28 April -

KPIX TV news - 29 April -

Hey, nice.

Also, thanks for introducing me to Daily Turismo.

SF Chronicle article - 10 May

apparently now it’s up to the building department - the museum has changed it’s tune and is seeking to keep it substantially as-is - awaiting a “final” decision in a couple of weeks - will post

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