Action cam on a model train


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Interesting that the sceniced portion appears to be within an old passenger coach, albeit one significantly newer than the models that is passes.


For vacationers to San Diego, I highly recommend going to the Model Train Museum in Balboa Park. It’s really cool.


Well drat. I wish I had known about that a couple of years ago when I was in Balboa Park.


I second that, it’s a hidden gem in Balboa Park, much worth the effort to see.


Can someone with skillz make this a 10 hour loop, with the train endlessly circling (start/end/loop in the tunnel)? This is better than the celestial white noise videos.


It’s like you’re in the model!



My grandparents, before their passing, used to take me to Balboa park every time we visited them. I’m more shocked than upset that they never took me to this, but still, I would’ve loved to see it.



Yes, please, but can we remove the giant humans? It would be much more satisfying to pretend you’re a tiny passenger on a tiny train going through tiny tunnels, passing tiny villages and tiny sheepies. Oh, and could we please move the camera to the FRONT of the flatcar? And have said car right behind the engine?


It’s still here. I hope you come visit our fair city some day. The weather is always lovely. :slight_smile:


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