Save up to 40% on these signed Marvel and Star Wars collectibles

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Actually signed, or “signed” with a rubber stamp (or whatever printing process you can use for a task like this) ?

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I’m sure they are signed. The whole racket with this sort of thing is they have vetted and authenticated signatures, usually by creating the item, and them having the person sign several items at a show.

That said - wowsa - you are overpaying for any of these.

First off - yes, there are fake signatures out there, but most of them are for the main cast - Hammill,Ford, Fisher, etc. Those three especially you have to be cautious with, and it may indeed be worth your time and money buying from a certified source.

But, as much as I love them all, Bulloch and Prowse are NOT hard to get signatures from. They run $20-$40, depending which time in their careers you got them. Sadly Bulloch isn’t doing conventions anymore - or at least not on his previous schedule. But he and Prowse were prolific in their convention signing appearances. Mayhew and Baker are sadly no longer with us - but they too were pretty prolific. Williams and Daniels also do conventions. James Earl Jones is the one that would be a bit harder to find.

Anyway - the people mentioned above should be $50 for the living, tops, and maybe $100 for the deceased. Now of course the poster or photo and the framing and presentation are an extra cost. But as much as I love Boba Fett, I’d rather take one of my signed photos and pay hobby lobby $100 bucks to put it in a really nice matt and frame and keep the rest of my money.

That all said - if you have the money and love the way it was all presented - and you like the multiple signatures (which IS harder to acquire) then go for it.

I don’t mean to piss on the BB store, but, you know, I just don’t want any fellow mutants to buy uneducated.


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