Schiff 'deeply concerned' as Pompeo potentially interferes with witnesses

Why would he stop digging when he’s finding so much “dirt”?

What is it with Democrats and their addiction to the language (and, of course, the actions) of impotence and weakness?


It used to be different:


Farces are much less funny from the inside.
I suppose i should have known that.


that reminds me of the joke about the two opposite children and how the parents dumped a 2 ton pile of horse dung in the yard as a christmas present to the maddeningly optimistic and happy child to teach him a valuable lesson about life and yet when they wake up and they go out in the yard in the morning, there he is, cheerfully shoveling like crazy and whistling a happy tune and when they ask him why he’s so happy he shouts “with this much horseshit, there has to be a pony in here somewhere!”


You and I must respectfully disagree. I have no sympathy for any elected official not doing their hardest to put the brakes on this avalanche of shit which started years ago, and will take decades to clean up.

Edit: spelling. They’re, their, there can be tough some times. But I, too have had to make that mistake two times, too.

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we do have to disagree. to think that any of these officials can shortcut through the constitution, the united states legal code, and the rules of the house and senate is either to engage in green lanterism and magical thinking or to desire a group of unlimited authoritarians in the house or senate who can do whatever they want and damn the law. neither of these is useful nor is the second option desirable.


And here’s Nancy, undercutting your point:

Pelosi: Trump Is ‘Almost Not Worth’ Impeaching, But Dems Must Defend Constitution *

* read: unfortunately, my constituents have a better sense of my constitutional duties than I do.

I’ve always been a big Pelosi supporter, and defender. She has to manage the worst caucus in Congress. But I can’t follow her here: all of her language on this has been weird, obviously dishonest, and with the only possible affect of alienating the people the Democrats depend on to win the next election.


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