Schneier: NSA secrecy kills trust


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What’s the deal with that graphic ? Is it supposed to be the eyeball of a predator, like a cat or snake ? Because all I’m seeing is a crude vulva with lots of hair juxtaposed with text referring to violation.

Or is that my Freud showing ?

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As far as the government is concerned, trust is a one way street. It cannot trust its citizens- not with privacy, not with the truth. Yet its citizens must trust the government. Failure to trust the government earns us a place on the watch list. I’m troubled that anyone seems to think we should all be okay with this situation.


It’s the eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings. The Palintir would have been a better graphic to use.

When the NSA gets taken down a notch (or ten), my Schadenfreude will be showing.

[quote=“anansi133, post:4, topic:5988”]
The Palintir would have been a better graphic to use.[/quote]

If someone doesn’t know the Eye of Sauron, a picture of a bowling ball probably wouldn’t work that much better.

secrecy kills trust? the surveillance itself diminishes our autonomy, and that seems like a bigger deal to me.

To extend the lover metaphor: Gov’t == Person who cheats on their spouse repeatedly, while constantly accusing the other of the same, and suveiling their texts, etc…for signs of infidelity. Sadly, like the jealous, adulterous spouse eventually destroys their own relationship, so the government’s unwarranted surveillance drives otherwise contented citizens to become more and more radicalized against the state.


Palantir Technologies, Inc. wishes it to be known that that item is already in unironic use by a vendor of fine bespoke surveillance technology unto the intelligence community and sundry other entities…

The only way this is going to be fixed is if people in power who broke the law and violated their oath go to jail and the NSA and the other agencies are destroyed, dissected, and all their entrails displayed for public viewing. We live in the most dangerous time in American history, greater than any war or circumstance. Everything must change or the country will not be able to move forward.

See, my post and your statement illustrate this perfectly.

I liked Shneirer better when he stuck to facts, I just dont enjoy his polemics very much.

To extend the metaphor even further, I think the flaming vulva of the NSA are due for some candlelit dinners, frisbee in the dog park, and beach walks… like a herpes commercial.

I knew the NSA were just a bunch of pussies, and this article has the photo to prove it. (I know, I know, it’s the Eye of Sauron, whatever the heck that is, but I like my interpretation better.)

i liked schneier better when it stuck to the field he specialized in - cryptography

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