Schneier on Sony Hack: It's not terrorism or war. We don't know North Korea did it


Yeah, but we will find Weapons of Mass Internet Hacking somewhere in NK, guaranteed.

Or not.


“Sony’s reaction has all the markings of a company without any sort of coherent plan,”

As far as I can tell, SONY is several dozen companies who regularly duplicate efforts and don’t communicate well with each other. And that’s just considering their manifold approaches to DRM. A hack like this probably opens them up to a lot of vulturing by competitors, across the boards. I’d be scared if I were them. This could be a huge disruption.

Isn’t it claimed that the hackers made off with 10TB worth of data? Surely someone here can break down how long it would take to siphon up 10TB over a typical US internet connection.

For instance, over my home internet I could upload 10 TB to the cloud in about never.

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Consider using a server in a colocation, on a gigabit+ line. Consider that a good part of the data may have been hosted in a similar colo facility, as companies don’t always have their data on their physical premises.

I managed to transfer multiple terabytes per hour. (But that was by carrying a hard drive from facility to facility.But, if it was an internal hack, as some rumours say, this could be the way used too.)

There are shingle-write disks on the market these days. 8-10 terabytes per disk, fairly affordable. Not too fast but nice to have for backups and physical data transportation.

Well there’s your problem right there.


IMHO maybe this was all just a big giant PR stunt to promote the movie. It has been done before.

I remember reading some scifi where the bystanders ignored a major terror attack in the middle of a city or so because they thought it is an advertising stunt.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the future actually heads this way.

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The Axis of Evil strikes again!

pretty sure this will be used to help justify the gov’t “protecting” the internet.

Yeah, but as we all know, it’s not who gets it right: it’s who comes up with an answer first! Truthiness always wins because it was FRIST!

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