School chef in Nebraska fired after serving chili with kangaroo meat in it



Those parents are hopping mad!

…I will show myself out the door.



Also… kangaroos are weird animals…


Yeah, they’re weird, but their meat is lean and nutritious! I personally don’t like it much unless marinated but can’t see any harm in serving it to any omnivores, including schoolkids.


How do you make them into lunch, though? Won’t they just box you to death?



Wait, where the fuck is this guy getting kangaroo meat? And on a public school lunch budget, no less…


My thoughts, exactly.


Close relative has an ‘exotic’ meat farm?


Nah, they gut you with their big front feet/claws instead of boxing you to death.

@Melz2 @HMSGoose no idea, but minced/ground roo meat is relatively cheap and in just about every major supermarket here.


Where’s ‘here’ for you? Are you Aussie or Kiwi?


Omg. :astonished: Are you American or Canadian?

Just kidding!

Australian, from Melbourne, Victoria.


Can I plead the fifth?

As of the last 2 years or so, being American has become my ‘flair’; I don’t really like to talk about it…


…because their kids were bouncing off the walls.

Me too, see you outside.


“Kangaroo” is just a euphemism for people meat?


I would think not. As far as I know there really are farms that raise kangaroo for eating in the US. Also bison, and elk, and alligator, and emu…


Very interesting.

[Checks internet for closest exotic meats farm to his home]



This is why you never share your secret chili recipe!


Man, I feel bad for the chef. It’s a “don’t do it again” type of offense, at most! Unless there’s some detail I’m missing about the provenance of the meat, it’s a completely edible animal. It’s not even like horse, where people have a strong emotional objection based on their status as work animals. No one would have batted an eye if some school chef threw some venison in the chili in middle America during deer season, but somehow kangaroo is just the worst?

(Why am I worked up about this? Answer: I have no idea.)


Having eaten kangaroo several times in Australia, I can attest that it’s plentiful, lean, healthy, and excellent meat.

But having tried to source it here in the states, I have no idea why this Nebraska school chef was putting $15-$25/lb meat in chili.