School teacher supplemented $42k salary with $1 million OnlyFans earnings over the summer

Originally published at: eacher quits job, earns $1M on OnlyFans


Any shame here lies with the student loan system, which doesn’t immediately forgive the loans of teachers, and with the state school authority, which obviously doesn’t value its teachers. I’m glad she got the money and hope she’s able to find work teaching at another school.


Clearly she has skills in marketing and relationship building. Even if she does OnlyFans for a few years, at a million dollars earned each summer she is on a trajectory to a very early retirement if she keeps her spending at the same level as when she was a teacher. But the average Only Fans creator earns $180 a month. So most people who might lose their job over content creation won’t have a similar nest egg to rely on.


A lot of people asking why didn’t you just get a part time job somewhere.

Because none of them are going to match the money she is making from only fans. Holy shit. I know those results are not typical, so this isn’t an option for everyone, but if you’re making a million bucks, this is really a no brainer.

I really don’t think you shouldn’t be able to keep your day job. And boy, do we need more teachers. Assuming she is a good teacher, she said she likes to teach, let her.

Also, pay teachers more.


I had a math teacher who threw ungraded assignments and even tests in the trash as she shoved students aside on her way out of the building when the final bell rang.

We should be rewarding teachers who are as dedicated to their jobs as Coppage rather than punishing them.


The most uncomfortable ethics investigation I had to conduct was of an employee who also had an OnlyFans account. The OF work wasn’t the issue, per se, but we had to make sure she wasn’t using any company branded materials in her performance, and didn’t represent that the company endorsed her work.

She wasn’t doing any of that, and so the investigation closed with no findings, and a reminder not to violate any of our ethics policy.

When I reported to the complainant that there were no ethics violations, he wasn’t too happy. He did back off when I pointed out that if it was offensive for her to perform, then it was offensive for him to watch.


For anyone as unfortunately gormless as me (and maybe it was in the video, which i can’t get because Adblock/youtube -sigh-), here’s the wikipedia description of “OnlyFans”:

OnlyFans is an internet content subscription service based in London, United
Kingdom. The service is used primarily by sex workers who produce
pornography, but it also hosts the work of other content creators, such
as physical fitness experts and musicians. source

so maybe this posting makes a bit more, or even $1e6 more, sense (“or 1e8 cents”) … ‘not that there’s anything wrong with that’…


More power to her.


… lacking sense or initiative; foolish.”

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Isn’t that exactly what she did?


having a hard time squaring that sentence, myself. do people think sex work is all fun and games?


Did any of the news stories on this teacher explain where the complaint originated? Seems inherently hypocritical for any consumer of porn (especially someone paying to view her content) to complain about the fact that she’s making such content.



But she DID get a part time job. One that made her $1m over the summer.


Oh, but it’s “selling your body and that’s wrong!” :scream:

Of course I’ve never gotten a real answer as to how any other job isn’t also selling your body, but that’s at least partially because I don’t place any moral judgement on sexual activity. (As opposed to the circumstances and consent for said activities.)

I love my work, but I’d be here a hell of a lot less if I wasn’t getting paid for it. This is just as much selling my body as any sex work out there.


No, it’s work, as in, like… a job. :woman_shrugging:

It often is… either your mind, or your physical body, depending on the type of job.

See Schitts Creek GIF by CBC


This happens on FetLife all the damn time. It’s often down to the usual suspects complaining bitterly about women (or others) posting content to their OF sites, noting this is available through a link on their profile, and expecting people to actually pay to see that content. (Addition: many of the men send DM to the women demanding free content.) These men feel they’re entitled to that content for free so anyone charging for it is somehow corrupt.

I see the discussions about it but I sure don’t understand it. :person_shrugging:

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