Twitch streamer has grossed $33 million in two years on OnlyFans

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More power to her, although I think if I’d taken in $27 million (maybe $18 million after taxes) I’d be inclined to cash out of life rather than start some production company. Just get a nice home on a lake somewhere and spend my days writing.


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Yeah, $27 Mil is as John Goodman said in The Gambler: “a level of Fuck You”


But what does she do on the different platforms? I understand OF to be mostly a kind of porn thing. And Twitch is about filming yourself playing games?
So does her content differ based on the medium, she makes porn for one audience and gaming commentary for the other? Or has she found some kind of new golden content that can be uploaded in the same format across several separate channels?

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Is it porn? Not that I judge. I mean hell if thought I could make anything close to that I would to. It just seems that everyone talks about OF as of it’s porn but ambiguously.

“It’s about sending a message”

So what’s the message?


It’s whatever the content creator wants it to be, up to and including porn. In her case, I’m pretty sure she does full nudity and porn videos, and like you said, no judgement from me. If she enjoys the work, great, and she’s clearly making bank doing it.


The reviews of my Onlyfans are also “gross”


She’s grossed nearly $34 million in under two years. “it’s not about the money. It’s about sending a message,” she said.

What is the message? That you can make shit ton of money if you’re hot, selling access to pictures and having people watch you stream game play? I see the hashtag #itsrealwork - so is the message that selling pics etc is real work and should be treated as such, and not require some walled garden that you are forced to use? Legitimizing “sex work”?

Jesus - that is a lot of money. How many subscribers do you have to have to make that much? Or are there whales accounting for the bulk of it?

Let’s see… so she has 2.6 million followers on twitter. Let’s say 10% of them will shell out to Only Fans. And let’s say they shell out $100 a year. (that’s $8.33 a month) That comes to $26 million! So if she has extra tiers for content or what ever, or more paying subscribers (15% of her follower subscribe, that’s $39 million), I guess it just all adds up!

I wish I did something that a 10th of that number of people wanted to see…

My guess: stream playing games is sort of the gateway, how people find her and to watch is free. If you like her, you can go get more content on OF.


I mean, even with only $5 million, you can still cash out an APY of $100k if you can get a rate of 2%. I can live on that and then some. Hell, I can live on $10k (living in Tijuana) and then some.


Nerdy gamer dudes on the Internet really like it when a hot girl talks about geeky stuff and does cosplay before getting nekkid and having sex while they watch. It’s obvious, but she’s apparently talented at fulfilling that particular need in the market so good for her.

I’d be inclined to cash out of life rather than start some production company.

Same here, but she’s young and seems to get something out of the work besides money so why not own her own business?


“Twitch streamer”? “Model”? “Cosplayer”?
Sure, but the $33 million is from porn. Stop dancing around it the name of empowerment.

And hey, if it’s not about the money, then what charity did she give it to?

This article reads as if it was written by her publicist.

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Vice has a YouTube segment that breaks down how she earns her money. The girl works for it. “Making $1.5M/month on OnlyFans and Twitch: Amouranth”


My only thought is that generations of Playboy Playmates just realized they were born too soon.


The people who do the kinds of things that earn that kind of money don’t want to sit by a lake and write. She’s doing what she loves and wants to do more of it. Your fantasy is yours but she is living hers.


I don’t think it’s as simple as that. People pay to send messages to her (like super chats or paid messages, but private) and she responds to them on a personal basis, maybe with some risqué photos or vids. It’s about the parasocial relationship, not the porn… I don’t think she necessarily even needs to do anything explicit if she’s good at connecting with her audience, but she has to put the work keeping engagement up (and keeping the stalkers at bay).


I’m a moderator for a few twitch channels so I’m on there a bit and know of Amouranth. Yes she is attractive and that is of course what drives most of her clicks. However, pretty girl in a hottub or nude cosplay pics are endlessly free on these interwebs. She is far more than just porn. She is witty, and funny, and very savvy in leveraging the various internet platforms. Also just genuinely a good person, who is super dedicated and ambitious.

I really enjoy a reoccurring segment she does on twitch where she reviews unban request. I’m always impressed how she handles these horrible trolls with grace and humor.


I watch some Twitch myself, and while I can’t say I’ve seen Amouranth, I can say that while good looks can help, it’s a streamer’s personality and interactions with their audience that can make or break a channel. It’s not an easy thing to grow a huge community like hers-- there’s a ton of competition for viewers. It takes dedication, persistence, loads of effort, and endless patience to deal with a sea of shitposters and trolls. (I mod for a channel myself, and I’ve seen all manner of hateful garbage in chats and unban requests-- seriously, it gets bad. I can only imagine the volume of nonsense she and her mods have to deal with.)

If she’s found a way to make Twitch and OnlyFans work for her, then… good. It’s a tough job, and we all do what we can to survive under capitalism.


would most of them be savvy enough to monetize themselves the way she has though? Instead of being monetized by a dude who gave them a paltry sum? I’m going to go out on a limb and assume she’s smarter than your average playboy model unless she has a manager that’s taking a lions share of the money.

I have never watched anything on Twitch before. Where do I start?