Schoolhouse Rock style cartoon about impeachment sung by Jonathan Coulton

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That would make a good cold opening for Colbert.


Anyone got an alternate link? It just says “Video unavailable” for me.


Try https(colon)//

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thank you


Those schoolhouae rock videos about government-in retrospect- were all theory, no practice. The whole field seems ripe for some more realistic, less idealized version. I would love to see PACs, Citizens United, Porkbarrel politics, stuff like that - all get their own song and dance.


What a terrific rhyme -
Republicans, Democrats, In-betweeners!
looking for high crimes and… misdemeanors!


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This fabulous vid isn’t exactly “new”; it was made last year, but’s it’s still just as apt now.

That said, we totally need to bring back School House Rock.


Everyone remembers “Conjunction Junction” but I thing “Pronouns” was the best song:


please note, very much NSFW


This dropped last night. We could probably get a playlist going.


The animation is certainly true to the Schoolhouse Rock style, and Coulton’s song is, up to a point. The Schoolhouse Rock songs were all very easy to understand, there was never a lyric that went by too fast for a child to catch. Coulton’s song is good but at times veers more toward Ben Folds Five territory than Schoolhouse Rock. The fast-paced section, while clever, left this 5th-grader’s ears singed with its verbosity. Coulton may be the internet’s hero songwriter, but he’s no Bob Dorough (r.i.p.)

–Danny, age 11


Now, would someone please tie ⊥rump to a chair and make him watch the impeachment video on loop for a few hours?

For bonus points, pin his eyelids open. See the movie A Clockwork Orange for the reference implementation of this particular form of restraint.

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I’m puzzled by the inclusion of Republicans. Thought they were holding fast to Big Orange, if for no other reason than to hold onto their jobs.

They still are part of the vote. A very significant part for that 2/3 in the Senate. Not all are holding to Trump, but enough in the Senate are that all I’d expect to see from a vote there is a gloating (if obviously bogus) exoneration. So yeah, all the useful action will likely be on the Congressional investigation level set up by the Dems.

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what a song! i was singing along before the end. now replaying because it’s freaking catchy. Thanks for sharing mark (:

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The Daily Show did just that, once:

And (not animated, but starring John Oliver as a live-action bill) this one:

Please give credit where credit is due. This is about a year and a half old, it was the ending song from an episode of The Good Fight.

Schoolhouse Rock is fine, but I wish Tom Lehrer would break his silence while he’s still here.

He does not mourn the muse that seemed to desert him after Vietnam made it harder to be funny about serious things. Or, as he once put it: “Political satire became obsolete when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel peace prize.”

Ah, such an innocent day when that was the benchmark of the death of political satire!