Sci-Fi Sundays: Worlds of IF, March 1968


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I think that “Witzend” illo is by Wood not Bode. No proof, just a feeling over the years.


Yup, the “witzend” ad is by none other that Wally Wood, one of the great illustrators of MAD Magazine’s early years. If you know his work (as jimp^ clearly does) you can spot it a mile away.


“Slowboat Cargo” is the serialized version of Niven’s novel A Gift from Earth. Possibly his best overall novel.

A lot of good illustrations in this issue.

I’m guessing that the “Scribe X.B.G.” deal in the Rosicrucians advert is a way for the organization to know which ads in which magazines are paying off.


I was curious about Viril Finlay - never heard of him. That dude was rad. cool. hip. Lit. whatever the kids say these days.


Agreed, Finlay is quite good. I’ve always been very fond of very detailed, fine black-and-white work. That’s some bad-ASS ink! I wish he’d done comics, as well…


Second the “A gift from Earth” love. Though it is very much a juvenile wish fulfillment story, it is very pleasing in its structure, hero, and semi resolution.


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