Science teacher suspended over "dangerous" classroom experiments is reinstated




School administrators are among the most useless and risk adverse people. I think every important decision they make should be put to a vote by the actual teachers. This would ensure that these idiots are properly ignored.


Zero Tolerance = Zero Intelligence


If I were this guy, I would have been one mad scientist.


Thank you to all my science teachers who sparked an interest that has lasted 40 plus years, and have greatly enriched my life with experiments, and demonstrations like these. Keep up the great work, and ignore the haters. Just lock the lab door first, then carry on.


In addition, Schiller was the teachers union representative on campus and had been dealing with disagreements with administrators over updating the employment agreement under which the faculty works.

Did the suspension last long enough to fuck that up?


That line looked awfully suspicious to me, too. Or, maybe the school administrators were betting heavily against their own fencing team?


I see that he was at least using his time off doing something productive with his facial hair.


That’s really an unfair characterization. Most “mad scientists” are really just mad engineers.


He is at least guilty of having really creepy facial hair.


What’s “just” about engineers?


This is where we find ourselves…

Where it’s surprising when sanity prevails.


Well, there’s this thing… :open_mouth:


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