Scientific message in a bottle


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See also.

not sure also, maybe other?

*168 some odd feet, measured 4’ from the ground.

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If it had been four feet, he would really have been betting on a retreat!

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Old school low tech science, nice.

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Ugh. Sorry. Misread. It’s fixed now.

Heh, just finished reading this from the news feed at Weather Underground.

Also now there is 401 feet between them for retreat of 233 feet (from the Wunderground link) :wink:

Ask the international scientific community for help - use feet as unit. There has to be a “typical Usian”-meme somewhere…

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That the glacier will retreat as a result of climate change is not really an automatic assumption to make. Climate change increases average temperatures (shrinking glaciers through extra summer melting), but it also increases average precipitation (growing glaciers through extra snowfall). So while the overall tendency is for total ice volume to decline over time, local conditions might change the relative expression of both effects and produce different results.

It’s not automatic, but it is accurate.

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