Manhattan-sized hole opens up under Antarctic glacier


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Get your soon to be beachfront property now!


Makes me think of George Strait…


Clearly, the solution is to defund NASA so that they can’t measure these things.


I must be missing something. A block of ice the size of Manhattan (let’s say 24 sq miles) and 1,000 feet tall spread over all the oceans (139 million sq miles) seems like it would raise the ocean an insignificant amount (less than 1-millionth of a foot).


But, isn’t an enormous hole in the ground a good thing? Someplace for (some of) the water to go once it melts? Speaking of which how much oil have we pumped out of the ground?


tRump just blamed David Copperfield for this.


This is important, but perhaps we should just give the actual size of the hole in the headline or come up with another size comparison.

There is this idea that the world knows as much about New York, Manhattan island or Manhattan proper as much as people from Manhattan or the East Coast do. Does this mean the Island or just Manhattan proper? Perhaps we should use some better size comparisons:

Manhattan Now The Size of Giant New Hole In Glacier
New Ice Hole Is The Size Of A 22.7 Square Mile Grapefruit Sized Tumor And It’s Growing
14 billion Tons Of Ice No Longer Available For Artisanal Ice Cubes and As Selfie Backdrop
9.6 Kilometer Football Leaves The Pitch


No, they’re talking about the whole glacier melting when they talk about how much the sea rise will be. The size of the hole is just indicative of it melting much faster than they’d anticipated because warmer sea water has access to a larger area under the glacier.


I’m gonna need a bigger bottle of Maalox.


the glacier is over land. meaning its collapse will add to the level of water in the oceans. if you break the underlying supports, well… think jenga.

some backgrounder info for you:

it’s called a glacier. it isn’t called “the ground” because “the ground” is not a glacier. it’s this other thing called “the earth”.

if that gets confusing think of a “table.” all your “bills” stacked on top are not “the table.” if there’s a hollow space in your stack of “bills” the hollow space is not “in” the “table.”

now you might think it good your “bills” are slowly disappearing, you might even bury them yourself in a disused “oil hole” ( i’ll leave it up to you to describe how that “process” “works” ) - but at some point they will come “due”. and you won’t “like” that “much”.

( with apologies to chris farley edit: it’s apparently impossible to find bennet brauer air quotes on the you tubes. )




Just for the record, a hole the size of Manhattan is not the size of New York City.

*Unless it is traveling at over 92% the speed of light.


Speaking of Water:

2099: “Daddy, why did they call Earth the big blue marble?”


In this case, it looks pretty close.


Fargin’ icehole!


These Trump references are really getting out of hand.


How much is that in whales, or football stadiums?


Christ, what an asshole.


but that’s good too, i have fewer “bills” then.