Scientists witness a four-mile wide iceberg being created


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That’s a lot of ice cubes.


Gonna need more bourbon for that for sure.


Maybe a Whiskey River!


Mazel Tov!

I don’t have beach front property. Yet.


A gaggle of scientists?
How about: A Cleave of Glaciologists

Or for future use:


Coocoo for Coco Puffs? Sorry, that’s all I got.




At this point, my plan is to use this NOAA tool and figure out where beach front property will be

Ugh, now I feel a bit like Lex Luthor in Superman (1978).


I feel more like Otis.

[“Teschmacher Peaks?” Really?]


Nah man, you’re just making lemonade out of those lemons.
It’s like…if you profit off of roadkill, it’s still ethical because you didn’t run the squirrel over, yeah? You’re just grinding it up and selling it at a hotdog stand.


This is bad but glacier calving is soooo awesome. I’ve seen it on some big glaciers in Patagonia but nothing like this scale. The forces of nature are pretty amazing.


Even if the beachfront moves, I couldn’t afford to live near it. On the bright side, you’ve given me a great idea for a concession stand! Wealthy people like exotic snacks, right? I’ve got plenty of squirrels in my yard, too. All I need now is a way to coax them into the boiling water jacuzzi, since my reflexes probably aren’t good enough for the roadkill method.

Sheesh, now I’m sounding like Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd, planning to sell the worst pies in Palm Beach!


This video is sped up nearly 2000%, just so you know how boring calving videos really are :slight_smile:

But I give them a lot of credit for not having 15 minutes of NOTHING HAPPENING before the breakup starts, like most videos of this kind.


Summer is Coming


Lol, I’m envisioning some kind of obstacle course, with the jacuzzi boiling beneath the last pole leading to a pile of nuts and seeds.



Leak hadn’t happened yet when this was broadcast, I believe. But…

John Mura, a spokesman for the state Energy and Environment Cabinet, said Friday about 120,000 gallons (454,000 liters) had been captured in two retention ponds at the Barton 1792 Distillery in Bardstown.


Math question:

If a glacier moves South at 1/2 mile per hour and Air Force One moves North at 600 miles per hour, when can we be done with this crap?


I did do this when I bought a place a few years back. I figure the pond I overlook will have a tidal influx, quite possibly within my lifetime. The number of coastal properties being inundated locally, and the height of the highest tides just in the last 5 years is making me wonder if my cynical calculus on where -not- to buy wasn’t more realistic than cynical.


that’s just adjusted for Geologic Time