Scientist discovers new species of tick


Freaking out right now. I can’t join in the choir of, “YAY, new tick”.


On one of my first camping trips I a tick attached itself to me on what I thought was the worst place possible, at least for someone of the male gender. It was not the inside my nose, so now I think I got a tick on the second worst place possible for someone of the male gender. On the inside of the nose sounds like the worst possible place for anyone regardless of gender.

The good news here is that scientists aren’t exactly like those of us who would destroy the tick without bothering to try and identify it first.

“…removed the insect using a pair of forceps, a mirror and a torch”

That sounds like it should be recorded and played on a sped up film with Yakety Sax in the background.

Hey professa, why ya got ya finga up ya nose?! Haw haw haw haw…

removed the insect using a pair of forceps, a mirror and a torch

I probably would have used the non-British version of a torch.


I can think of several places worse than inside my nose to have a tick. At least the nose is pretty accessible by yourself…other places much less so for precision work.

I was thinking of the amount of pain that could be caused by having to pull an attached tick from the inside of your nose. Maybe I just have a ridiculously sensitive nasal interior.

This also reminded me of a story told at another camp about a woman who fell asleep sunbathing. A few days later she developed a persistent itch in her cheek. Doctors were unable to find anything and assumed it was psychosomatic. The itching got worse and she was hospitalized and put in a straitjacket to avoid harming herself. Then she managed to get free and ripped out a large chunk of her cheek which was full of ant eggs.

It seems funny now. It kept me up nights at the time.

Tip: Avoid dating any scientist credited with discovering more than one species of public lice.


‘Public’ lice? No problem.
'Pubic 'lice? Problem.

Something something it was under his nose the whole time.

Autocorrect is a batch.

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