Scientists build a database of animal farts


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Mussels may not, themselves, fart, but what they do to my insides produces farts even I am scared of. They’re still delicious tho but.


I think describing a certain fart as “stinky” is kind of pointless.

I’m more curious to know which animals have farts that smell like roses.


database of animal farts

Our home is abundant in animal farts.


Say what now?

Since when does the average eight-year-old represent “the public”?


That feeling when you’re still lying in bed in a morning haze, and your cat is showing you its anus as per usual, and suddenly it opens for a few, long moments. Then the realization of what just happened hits you.


My dog person farts like a demon on acid.


Ha, right?

Even cats can’t take it.


In the 80s, we had family friends who would feed their weiner dog those people snacks of pepperoni sticks in bread rolls. Those farts were caustic.


they found this comes up often in coversation? who are they hanging out with??


Many of us remain for ever eight, regardless of what the calendar says.


despite what the spreadsheet says, i can tell you that my ball python has farted on at least 3 occasions in the 4 years we’ve had him.


Yeah, the reptile pets may not poop/fart very often, but Jesus H. Christ! “Did something die inside you? Oh, wait…”


"Scientists build a database of animal farts"

Will Forte, is that you?


Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.



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