Scientists determine exactly where inside your nose COVID-19 slips in to infect you

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Gotcha now!

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I could have used this a few days ago. COVID sucks. I dodged this plague for almost three years, but it got me this week. I am so glad I didn’t get it pre-vaccine. I think I would have been fucked. I feel like shit.


Sorry to hear that! Hope you feel better soon.


Sorry to hear that … but the obvious question is how could you - how could anyone - know when the exposure actually took place. Without a way to know this, then the timing of administering the nasal spray is haphazard at best.


For me, it would be when I was required to remove my masks around other people. Right after my most recent dental appointment, for example. So, if there was a nasal spray I’d use it right before putting them back on.


Neat picture.

I wonder how this information will translate into a new entry here: List of unproven methods against COVID-19 - Wikipedia

I am putting money on “Apply superglue to surface of nasal cavity”, but I’ll be interested in any attempts to burn cilia with fire or chemicals, or trim said cilia with scissors.

Murica, don’t disappoint me, I have six dollars riding on this.


Well it would be like avoiding the flu where you wash your hands after being out. So a nasal spray after you have been around people might reduce your vectors for exposure.

I know my kid does some sort of rinse at the suggestion of a family friend who is an ER doctor.


Yeah (and @PsiPhiGrrrl) regular use after potential exposure is one way to go, If it becomes an OTC medicine (and affordable) but is still random in the sense that the majority of such uses will not be after actual exposure and actual exposure can easily happen when you don’t actually expect or suspect it and don’t think to use the spray.

Nevertheless, it does seem like a potentially valuable development in the anti-Covid fight.


This one goes out special to all the mask-below-the-nose assholes…


It’s funny, after COVID-19 emerged there was a lot of research into prophylactic nasal sprays that looked promising and then just kind of…disappeared. I kept following it, as it seemed to me a quite sensible way of halting transmission. For example, there was this one from Columbia University and another one approved for use in Israel and New Zealand. Of course, the drawback is that you have to keep using it throughout the day…but I’ve always wondered why this avenue seemed to be so underemphasized.

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Could I have my nose removed for the duration?


But how would you smell?


(The old ones are the best ones. But if Covid gets your sense of smell, what’s the difference?)


That won’t be enough…

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