Scientists figure out how to make and measure time crystals


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“The stars are matter, and we are matter, but it doesn’t matter.” --Don Van Vliet.



“Time” crystal? Where’s the market in that?


“Time Crystals” sound like one of those collectibles you can use to open up bonus levels.


Well, that explains the colour…

On a tangentially related note…

Finally, I like the way that in, the second clip, the hero advances in to the cave holding the girl in front of him like a shield. Quality heroing.


Spin keeps on flippin’
into the future.



I prefer flavor crystals myself…


By broadening the definition to allow input of external energy to maintain the periodic behavior, it seems we’ve re-invented the grandfather clock. Or, as it shall be known henceforth, the grandfather time crystal.


“Always remember: you matter.
Unless you multiply yourself by the square of the speed of light…
then you energy.” - unknown


I’d have to assume that time crystals are cubic.


“Atom clocks” would be a better (less misleading) name for these if it weren’t for “atomic clocks” already being a thing.


Can they use them to make Folgers crystals that will wake me up before I make the coffee?

And this:


Aren’t all clocks made out of atoms though?


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