Scientists wirelessly transmit high-speed data through, um, pork loin


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Curious why they’d try solving this problem using ultrasound—why not radio?


That’s a valid question, and I absolutely don’t know why.

But I would speculate that transmitting that much data via the electromagnetic spectrum requires a combination of frequency and energy that makes the transmitting device dangerous to adjacent tissue.


Sounds like a nutritionist would prescribe a diet higher in fiber for optimal data streaming and digestion.

Netflix and butchers’ freezer? Well-chilled, indeed.


I didn’t see mention of the bandwidth they were getting (though there’s mention of “HD Video” which is still quite a range).

Speaking of weird data-transfer research:
I recall hearing that back in the day (70’s?) BB&N developed tech to allow the transmission of data from a drill-head to the surface of the hole using the drill mud as a transmission medium.


Water absorbs most radio frequencies that we commonly use for high speed data. Also, radio generates heat when absorbed by water. Also, it might be possible that ultrasound is just more efficient for the application. Additionally there could be concerns about EMF interference caused by the comms to the bot. There’s a lot of sensitive equipment in operating rooms, and we don’t want to make, say, a heart-lung machine stop working.


I’ve sent messages with pork before, no big, really.



Will this usher in the next big thing? VR/HD meat streamed porn?


Enough! King illegal forest to pig wild kill in it a is!


Communicating author:


Only a matter of time:


How many of these would be in-use in a hospital at the same time?


Kelp tape antenna.


Well, if you consider just how much data is encoded in a single strand of DNA, I’m betting that every male here on BB has “transmitted” considerably larger data packets through their loins than the pig loin noted in this experiment.

(sorry… I knew it was bad. It was just too hard to resist the joke.)


The internet is not a big truck. It’s a series of tube-steaks.



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