SciFried Happy Mutants read Dune

We’re reading Dune with NPR’s SciFri Club. See here for their blog:

They use Facebook and Twitter so you can participate in the big group there, but you can also or alternatively post here to discuss Dune with other happy mutants.


Oooo … I’ve been recently enjoying Philip K Dick and others; might look into this!

Groovy. Now that we’re here, how spoilery should we get?

I guess it depends on whether everyone has read it or not if we get all spoilery.

I’m listening on the audiobook at - I signed up for the free trial using the code hop2 so I get two free books. It appears that it won’t start charging me until I trigger it to, which seems decent of them.

Like I said, it’s been a while since I read Dune, so limiting to chapters is going to have me digging it out of the bookcase, dusting it off, etc. Also, I will admit to having stopped after Children of Dune because every person I’ve ever spoken with who read anything further said it’s pretty much crap.

I read it in 1988 so I’m basically vaguely remembering “sandworms” and “babble-speak”.and then this:

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Who could forget Sting in a leather diaper?

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