Score over 50% off on this premium DNA ancestry test kit ahead of Black Friday

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Meanwhile, earlier this year…

Yeah, about that

“Where we are still in a gray area is health and lifestyle,” [Larry Brody of the National Human Genome Research Institute] said.

No test can tell you if you eat fewer carbohydrates, you’ll lose weight, or if you do a certain type of exercise you’ll flatten your belly. Human genetics just are not that simple.

It looks like Vitagene’s DNA Diet testing is really a lead generator for their supplement business. Apparently, no matter what, your DNA test will always somehow indicate a need their supplements as part of the “complete diet plan”.


As far as I’ve been able to tell the main reason to participate in one of these databases is to find out if you are related to any cold-case serial killers.


Isn’t it pretty hypocritical for BB, who regularly writes about privacy, data breaches and the coming of 1984 to sell what is essentially a DNA-harvesting kit from a company bound to leak the info either willingly or not at some point? Why on earth would you pay to give your DNA to these people. If anything, they should pay you.

@doctorow - Would you pay to send your DNA to this company and why do you offer us this product?



It is astounding how antithesis of BB’s non-paid content this advert is.


how sweet the ad revenue must be to warn the very people who support you away from scammy privacy violating tech with one hand while trying to feed them to those very machines with the other. once upon a time i would have expected the boingboing crew to be better than this. i guess there’s no shame or embarrassment a little money can’t salve


BB seems … conflicted. I guess the ad money is just too attractive.

Sending your DNA away :clap: is :clap: the :clap: test. Once you have past this bar, the only cure is enhanced woo and plenty of it. :wink:

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if DNA were big enough to see, it wouldn’t really look like an abstract ladder with empty space inside it


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Nah, it looks exactly like this

including the metal rods and the clamps.
And sometimes a weird guy in a bad suit appears and points at stuff.

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I hope BB is not being paid based on how many users bought it from this ad and that they at least received a good amount just for posting the ad.

Maybe it makes sense to show this ad here, the company loses some money, BB get some, the users have (another) post to bash a shitty company, and no one falls for that bullshit.
Considering that the ad money was already set to be wastedspent, this might be one of the best places to avoid harming people.

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