Vitagene offers a DNA-supported plan for a healthier life, and it’s less than $80

Originally published at: Vitagene offers a DNA-supported plan for a healthier life, and it's less than $80 | Boing Boing

From the first Amazon review:

Very questionable value. The report mostly parroted back the answers to their required questionnaire. Vitagene does not provide raw data that can be submitted to Promethease for more detailed results, as other DNA tests do. Report said I am ‘lactose tolerant’. Ha ha … um … no. There’s a distinct ‘buy our supplements’ slant to the report. I wish I had investigated more thoroughly before buying this. Additionally, I now see that 2 Amazon review checking sites show that there is a a high level of suspicious reviews here. Beware.


Giant Red Flag.
Do not give your DNA to people who post your records on unsecured servers for YEARS.
“DNA-testing service Vitagene Inc. left thousands of client health reports exposed online for years, the kind of incident that privacy advocates have warned about as gene testing has become increasingly popular.”


@boingboingshop you may be a little embarrased that your website is advertizing this trash

It’s too bad we’re no longer allowed to flag fraudulent sponsored posts.


Why would you give your DNA to a company that posts customer records on unsecured servers and is run by a person who has gone prison for insider trading?

Two local miscreants have been sent to jail so far. The first is Ali Hariri, the former vice president of Santa Clara chip manufacturer Atheros Communications (since bought out by Qualcomm for $3.1 billion), who began serving an 18-month sentence in federal prison in January.

Hariri pleaded guilty to passing along inside information on the company’s 2008 quarterly earnings to one of Rajaratnam’s Bay Area contacts, in return for some stock tips.


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